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Set of 3 Stretch Bracelet Beading Boards: Flower of Life + Sri Yantra

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Map out your gemstone stretch bracelet designs before you string with this set of beading boards. Made for 6.25-6.5" wrist measurement (with 8mm beads), it's easy to size up or down simply by adding/subtracting a bead or two.

Arrange your beads in the recessed channel that circles the crystal grid design. The channel itself is approximately 1/8" deep, so beads are ultra-stable. Once you're happy with the arrangement, they're easy to string!

I created these boards for my elastic gemstone bracelets. Each one is made from solid maple wood and is as unique as the tree it came from. I hope you like them!

Flower of Life: manifesting new beginnings or channeling the Universe -- it is the basic form of all that is, and all that could be.

Sri Yantra: health, abundance and cosmic connection.

Metatron: true change; replacing what was negative with the positive; great for shadow work, soothing societal issues and promoting understanding.

*You will receive a set of 3 bead boards: jewelry, beads, etc. are shown for display purposes only and are not included. 

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Looking to learn more about making gemstone stretch bracelets? Check out my video here for more information on what kind of clear elastic to use and more!