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About Me

Hiya! I’m Emily, and I love working with gemstones and other natural materials to make healing jewelry-making supplies that make beading easier, as well as amplifying intention. 

I designed my first mala board after having trouble keeping count of the 108 beads needed to string the mala, while simultaneously trying to concentrate on my intention. I found myself having to cut up and redo all the precious knotwork if I’d miscounted -- argh! That stunk. So I figured, it’d be much easier to make a board that counted for me.

With a little math and a lot of prototypes, I finally figured out how to make mala beading boards out of lovely birchwood. And bracelet bead boards weren’t far behind. 

I hope you'll bop around a little bit and explore - and please hop on over to my YouTube channel if you're interested in learning more about using these boards, making focal and guru beads, pendants and more!

Check out my YouTube channel, TheWeekendMystic!