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Deluxe Zodiac Bracelet Board with Houses + Programmable Ascendant

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The moment you were born was written in the stars. This beading board makes it easy to string your own birth chart bracelets - the perfect gift for zodiac lovers, new moms, or astrology nerds.

The planets and zodiac constellations are constantly moving - never in the same place twice. Therefore, each necklace you create will be as individual as the amazing human you're making it for!

This board is fully adjustable to accommodate your ascendant, planets and 12 houses (fixed). If you know your ascendant, set the zodiac wheel so that the ascendant is at 9-o'clock (reference your natal chart - I like the ones from Cafe Astrology). If you do not know your ascendant, simply set the zodiac wheel so that Capricorn and Sagittarius are at the very top, in the 11-o'clock and 12-o'clock hours (see photo labeled "I don't know my ascendant"). 

Referencing your natal chart, simply choose a bead for each planet and place in its proper "orbit" until you're ready to string your necklace (see recommended beads below). 

Board will come unfinished - leave it as-is or paint or stain it to your desired finish (give it a light sanding with fine-grit sandpaper before you apply any color or stain).

Each one is made from birch plywood and is as unique as the tree it came from. I hope you like them!

Full bracelet board measures 4.75" in diameter. Beading channel is made to accommodate an approximately 6-1/2" wrist circumference. If you wish to make the bracelet larger or smaller, simply add or subtract beads accordingly.


*You will receive one bead board: Finished bracelet, beads, crystals and feathers shown for display purposes only and are not included.

**Non-US Buyers: Please Note You Are Responsible for All Tax and Duties Specific To Your Country (VAT, etc)

Gemstone and bead size suggestions (beads not included):
Sun: Zodiac charm (or a decorative clasp)
Ascendant: Gold, brass, metallic bead (this is also a great spot to put the clasp) 
Moon: Shell moon charm
Mercury: 6mm titanium coated blue druzy agate
Venus: 8mm mooakite (yellow-dominant)
Mars: 8mm red jasper
Jupiter: 12mm crazy agate
Saturn: 10mm picture jasper
Uranus: 10mm amazonite
Neptune: 10mm lapis lazuli
Pluto: 8mm tiger eye
*for spacer beads, 4mm frosted round glass beads work nicely